Writing and Governance. Cultural transfers between France and the Empire (13th-16th centuries)

TRANSSCRIPT is a four-years international project co-funded by French ANR (Agence Nationale de la Recherche) and Luxembourgish FNR (Fonds National de la Recherche). Launched in 2014, autumn, this project is implemented under the coordination of two teams: the Atelier de Diplomatique of the Centre de Recherche universitaire Lorraine d’histoire (Cruhl) of the University of Lorraine, based in Nancy (project leader: professor Isabelle Guyot-Bachy), and the Institute for History of the University of Luxembourg (project leader: professor Michel Margue).

The acronym TRANSSCRIPT stands for “cultural TRANSfers” + “SCRIPTurality”.

The main purpose of TRANSSCRIPT project is to explore late-medieval writing practices by combining two fields of study: the governance of medieval states at the regional level and cultural transfers in the former Lotharingian space, i.e. between regions straddling two sides of a linguistic border. By doing so, we will gain a better understanding of the comparative history of territorial principalities in the northern boarder area between France and the Empire.


Medieval Lotharingian fragmentation (Duchy of Brabant; Duchy of Limburg; Duchy of Lorraine; County/duchy (from 1353) of Luxembourg; County of Namur; County of Hainaut; County/duchy (from 1354) of Bar; Ecclesiastical principality of Liège; Ecclesiastical principality of Trier)